Granny Green Apple flavored Green Tea
Granny Green Apple flavored Green Tea

My girlfriend and I broke up about a month ago. We had been together about a year. In fact, we broke up one week after the anniversary of our first date. That was in September. September was a “sucky” month. First, my grandma passed away. Then, one week later, my girlfriend and I break up. Being the longest and most serious relationship I have ever been in, the breakup was a little tougher than I though it would. There was not one place in town that I could go to escape one memory or another. The emotions became pretty overwhelming so I left.

I was sitting around one day wondering how I could handle the situation. The only reasonable conclusion was to get out of town for a while. Go somewhere else and do something else. Travel. Visit friends. Something.  So visit friends I did. I meandered down to Fayetteville, AR to have lunch with a friend that I have not seen in about a year. After an o.k. hamburger from a local shop. I headed out. I have been speaking with a few other friends about my situation and they seemed to come to the same conclusion, “do what makes you happy.” Not a very useful piece of dialogue. It was not too long that I remembered a story told to me, by a rabbi, a few years ago. He had announced a trip to Israel to his congregation and was taking questions from those with them. A women came up to him and mentioned how she wanted to go but the time was not right. There were other things that needed to be done first. He responded to her saying, basically, that, there was really no better time than now. If she could find an excuse to not go today she will find another excuse the next time around. Opportunities, like that trip, need to be acted upon.

That story got me to thinking, “What have I been putting off that I could be doing now?” I now have a general direction to direct my search. Wichita is something that I am done with. I have been looking for a way out for a while. Truth is, I would have left last year but I ran into my, now, ex. Other than bad memories, there is really nothing left. I have a few friends that I care about in town, but nothing really holding me there.

  • CDL A license
  • Build a house
  • Scuba Certified
  • Dog Trainer
  • Photographer

As I am typing this, I am sitting sitting in a shitty hotel room in West Memphis, AR. I am sharing a room with a complete stranger for 18 more days. I am attending a rather pricey CDL training school in order to get a start on my list. I have been working out the order of my list in my head. I am developing a plan, but, unfortunately, I am about a year out from starting anything. DEBT! I will have all of my debt, with an exception to my student loans, paid off in a year. I will then be able to place my plans into motion and begin building my future. I will be running the open road chasing a dream, looking “for the next big thing.”

This blog will be about my journey from day 1 until I finish life, I guess. I will be adding video when I get a chance and speak on camera. That is a little easier and faster than finding the time to type.

This is all for now. Its 936pm here and 5am comes early.

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